Little Story About Puffed Rice (Just for Smile)


Today evening we all friends were playing cards and had a delightful snack with nice tea. The story began when my eyesight went on that chair where two pieces of puffed rice where sited. I had really started to think about life cycle of that puffed rice and decided to bring among us. There are plenty of people who will write about different things and creatures but nobody will appreciate these little guys so I decided to execute this funny story between us.

Puffed rice born in factory and steamed at high pressure so, there life start with struggle and hard working. In today’s world different procedures has been developed but, mainly this is how “Mamara Maker” process these puffed rice from rice. The Mamara Makers are call creators of this mamara. The rice has been used to prepare several snacks. In India, there is famous snack call “Vagarela Mamara”, where they fry rice under very low temperature with little oil and all spices. After we had a snacks of “Vagarela Mamara”, these two mamara flied to chair. They were sitting on that chair like two lovers are gossiping about their best moments.

As soon as I noticed them, everybody else also noticed. After so much difficult time throughout their birth (Making process) they were all together with their friends to consume in pounds of quantities, in a beautiful plastic packs. Some pieces get broken and loose air control and some goes to people foot. They are cheap and weightless so they move and drop quickly compare to other snacks. Their life is always in critical situation even before they consumed by humans. When my friends brought her home, she fried them and served between us. Now some of them already lost their breath in our stomach and two of these little guys were survival.

They were mistakenly come across to our eyes now. Soon, they are going to throw in home garbage then public garbage and then will be destroyed, without any of their fault. What can I say more about these guys? I hope these guys didn’t have any of their fault, they were just victims. In future, I hope producer will give a better life to these guys. At conclusion I really appreciate mamara to become healthy, less calories snacks for us without any of their personal intention. Wishing long life to all mamaras. I hope this funny life story of two mamara increase your smille. Keep Smiling!!

Source of above Image: 1 December 2011,  By, Subhashish Panigrahi on Wikipedia.
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