Be  kind but always walk with wind.- Atit Shah

I just realized that “Tigers” attitudes seems way different in forest then Zoo;When one is true and honest;one must be move like a “Tigers” in Forest. – Atit Shah

Remember! This world is yours..Keep your face up and walk like you are ahead of crowd & see the change. Atit Shah

Every morning people wake up with millions hopes and billions dreams but success only cling to very get in these few until your breath is working.- Atit Shah

If you tried means you won, and that is 1st thing to reach at your dream .- Atit Shah

Watch every moment of life because its leaving from our hands.- Atit Shah

“”CLOCK” is a great inspiration because it never move backwards, when it looses energy it stops and wait for energy source and new adventure.-Atit shah.

” If you plan, you will implement, if you implement you will get result-not sure about success of object but yours for sure!”-Atit Shah.

Avoid “if” and “only” let things go,be happy because we don’t know when someone will question “When” and “How” that happened to him/her(it can be any  event of our life).-Atit Shah.

“Be happy because being unhappy will not solve your problem either”.-Atit Shah

“You must try to work hard, dream big, accomplish, succeed and whatever you think it’s good towards your life but never condition to yourself”.Atit Shah

” Let’s make this test of life; the best without any time waste”.