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Our site is a self-inspirational website. In this rapidly changing world result arise as fast as question. There are plenty of answers for one question. From little child to old, knows the magic of search engine. The answers are there but succeed very few, so we would like to take this opportunity and inspire you in such way that the information spark from the source and change your life. We are not offering any expertise or subjective knowledge through my website; we are trying to making you aware of your power. We are simply trying to ignite that candle which is looking to be flamed. Please read our articles, think and then try to seek the information that you are looking for and see the change. We are sure you will feel that flow!


We would like to invite you to share your opinions and thoughts. We personally think that if one would be able to understand the real essence of life cycle, there will be plenty of changes in person’s life. We wanted you to welcome at our page and hopefully we will be able to offer thought and inspiration which could impact your life in positive way. In past, philosophers and authors have mentioned that “One word can change someone’s life; it’s just the matter of when and how”. Hope shahatit.com will sing a song of life changing story for all of us.


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