How to Remove Viruses from your Computer

ID-100101716Viruses are like an uninvited guest. They come without our knowledge and damage what they are programmed to do. They spread from one computer to another and conflict with everyday operation of our computers. The viruses come via e-mails, downloads, funny images, videos and are sometimes hidden in the software and files that you download.

Viruses and computer security are very serious issues nowadays, but sometimes issues occurs due to dysfunction of software and hardware. Without taking any time let’s find out if our computer is infected by virus and how we can remove the virus. If you follow the information that I have provided, I am sure that you save  plenty of money and even you can become a self-reliable virus expert. Please share your thoughts, experiences and responses, because in near future I am planning to share some tips on computer security, which are one of major concerns in Information Technology today.

How to find out if your computer has viruses? Here are the probable symptoms.

1.       Your computer starts freezing or performing slower than normal.
2.       Your computer crashes and restarts or restarts often by itself.
3.       Applications are not working properly, printing error messages, and other error messages or drives become inaccessible.
4.       Unexpected repeated sounds and web browsing and/or fake virus alerts.

These are the steps that you can take to remove viruses and keep your computer safe.

1.       If you are at you work then call the IT department if you find any of those symptoms or something abnormal.
2.       First things first! Disconnect the source of the Internet from your computer. Once you disconnect from Internet you are not spreading the virus to other computers or harming your computer anymore. You can disable the network or take out the Internet cable to put this step in action.
3.       Back up  all of your files by using CD, DVD, an external hard drive or any other storage device.
4.       Run the anti-virus CD then install the anti-virus so you can be assured everything is up-to-date with the anti-virus. If you don’t have anti-virus software then find one and scan your whole computer. You can trust free anti-virus or the cheapest anti-virus software, as long as it’s from a reliable source with good reviews, because the experience of other people tells you more than anything. Please do that research before installing. Do share in comments if you find good anti-virus programs so others can also be helped.
5.       Remove the viruses and install all the updates for the virus program.
6.       If you didn’t succeed in removing the viruses then the best bet will be to wipe out or format the hard drive and re-install the operating system. If you do this step, then it will cost you a loss data. That is the best way since the virus removal didn’t succeed (if data is very important you can contact an expert for help, but the chances of saving your data, at this point, are rare).
7.       If the computer has been cleaned of all viruses, then you can restore all the files.
8.       You must follow these steps from now on!
9.       Update your virus software, use an Internet firewall.
Nowadays, computer security is a big question and the answer is not clear. So that all of us may benefit,  do share your opinions of this article and other areas of computer security.


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  • If a company does not regulate the use of personal smartphones and tablet PCs accessing the corporate IT infrastructure, it’s only a matter of time before confidential information starts to leak out of the system. A breach could be caused by a malware infection or an employee losing a device.SOURCE: Times of India 2013-03-12 22:15:00
  • It may have been they’re only targeting specific domains or it may be some other limiting factor that’s keeping people from being infected, which makes it hard to research and find out exactly what’s going on.SOURCE: NetworkWorld 2013-03-12 13:40:00


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3 thoughts on “How to Remove Viruses from your Computer

  1. Very useful information, Atit. Your posts are getting better and better. That’s awesome!

    On the same note, isn’t it amazing how much people want to keep their computers clean, virus free, free from negative elements?
    How about their brain? How about putting some firewall to protect our brain from the viruses of negativity, stinkin thinkin, company of negative people, discouraging thoughts etc.? Imagine how beautiful life could be…. :-)

    1. Thank you for this great compliment.I am trying to add one block towards the building of dream..:).
      Yes Firewall toward the brain is a great approach and i also believe that, mentioned brain firewall is more effective then any other tools in the world. Rest fixed by it self..

  2. Thanks!
    Ya, acutally that is great idea sometime to be a virus free in this digital world. As far as i understand no computer is 100% safe so it’s great approach to be a safe-if it possible for you.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Atit Shah.

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