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Things to Know About Obama Care


It really surprise me when i was seeking information about new Health Care Law’s from my family and friends and most were clueless. Obama Care is a national level Health Care Plan to improve health care system by making affordable health insurance by law reformation. It will also reduce the overall cost of health expenses cost in the US.Obama-Care will provide insurance to people, who have been denied or refuse by insurance companies due to prior sickness or any other reasons. It will also help to the middle class and poor families to get honest and open market premium prices on insurance. According to yearly income, state and other related factors; Obama Care will determine the cost of individual insurance premium.

Few Points to note here;

  • You should have insurance by 2014 or pay penalty. Exceptions does not apply to most.
  • If you have your own insurance and if you are happy with it, no need to do anything.
  • If you have an individual plan, you will find few changes so do pay attention to that.
  • Insurers can no longer reject you or charge you more because of health condition.
  • Kids can stay in policy till age 26.
  • Specific period will open to apply and you must apply in that time.
  • Undocumented immigrants won’t get any subsidies. But legal immigrants can buy insurance on the exchanges and qualify for subsidies, if their income qualifies them for help
  • There are several. The bronze level will be basic, silver mid range, while gold and platinum will be higher-end. There will also be a catastrophic option. Catastrophic insurance covers three doctor visits per year at no cost and preventive care such as screenings and vaccines. This plan will carry a higher deductible.
  • What varies with the plans is cost. Some will carry higher deductibles. Some ask for higher co-pays. Costs will vary based on where you live. If you want to see what your bill may look like, be sure to check out the website listed below.
  • The majority of people uninsured today can find a policy for $100 or less a month, taking into account subsidies and Medicaid eligibility according to the OBA.
  • No matter what the cost, you will pay a monthly premium, and may also have a co-pay or be asked to meet a deductible when you go to the doctor or hospital.

The website that i am going to share here has very practical and up to date information. I hope that helps you to find all the require details that seeking without looking anywhere else. Please let me know if you don’t find or need assistance to find any information since i went through this website.

Affordable Care Act

Complete Package to Know about Obama Care

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Why Should You Plan a Risk?


 The new sunshine always gives you a new chance to think, implement and give An opportunity to take one step further upon our dream. There are millions of people who get new ideas and thought to do something but it makes me wonder that why only few reach to their destiny. I would like to point out that, as I am also part of that millions. I believe that creating a risk plan will help us to eliminate future accidents and unplanned events. The chances of a dream come true will be more comparable to who did not plan risk.

 (1)Why should you prepare a risk plan and who need one?

A. There is nice saying which explain the meaning of risk, “Don’t Wait Till You is Thirsty to Dig a Well”. The risk meaning, Foreseen or unseen, desirable and undesirable potential loss from any action. Probabilities of damages, injury, accidents, liabilities, leases are unpredicted and mostly unplanned. Some argue with insurance and some safety plan but those are not as helpful As pre analyzes risk. I decided to share this information because I have seen that, we all are planning every day for something and most are not including risks. Today’s economy and modern world everything is uncertain so most important and wise advice will be to plan a risk. Risk planning will not only makes you feel secure but also gives piece of mind to about your future plan. Your statement will change from, I hope – I wish to I will, and that is best achievement toward whatever you have planned, so start analyzing and change your all plans from today. Every human action has risk but few has a high and few has low risks so we all need to plan risk and no exceptions from it whether you are a businessman, employee, Housewife, student or anybody else.

(2)How to Plan One?

A. You do not need to be an expert to plan your risks unless you are planning for big business or Investing big amounts of money. There is plenty of templates available online which can fulfill.Your plan requirement and risk analysis, if you can not find matching one, just customize one from available.

Example 1: Imagine you cook first time and invited guest but food doesn’t taste good or Overcooked.

In this scenario you won’t find a big deal but still you will run to find options; for ordering  food or take guest to restaurants. You will also need to plan for quick money availability and your timing as well as transportation and many other possibilities so if you have planned risk by guessing few or more of possibilities, you wouldn’t have to go thought that all.

Example 2: If you have planned risk management in your business or project that you are Working, then here are a few areas where you must have thought, such as follows;

A.What could happen? How likely it happened? How bad it will happen? What is? The project and opinions of others in it? What is analyzing and monitoring Strategies? So answer those questions and also follow the available template in the market to identify all the risks in your plan.

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Little Story About Puffed Rice (Just for Smile)


Today evening we all friends were playing cards and had a delightful snack with nice tea. The story began when my eyesight went on that chair where two pieces of puffed rice where sited. I had really started to think about life cycle of that puffed rice and decided to bring among us. There are plenty of people who will write about different things and creatures but nobody will appreciate these little guys so I decided to execute this funny story between us.

Puffed rice born in factory and steamed at high pressure so, there life start with struggle and hard working. In today’s world different procedures has been developed but, mainly this is how “Mamara Maker” process these puffed rice from rice. The Mamara Makers are call creators of this mamara. The rice has been used to prepare several snacks. In India, there is famous snack call “Vagarela Mamara”, where they fry rice under very low temperature with little oil and all spices. After we had a snacks of “Vagarela Mamara”, these two mamara flied to chair. They were sitting on that chair like two lovers are gossiping about their best moments.

As soon as I noticed them, everybody else also noticed. After so much difficult time throughout their birth (Making process) they were all together with their friends to consume in pounds of quantities, in a beautiful plastic packs. Some pieces get broken and loose air control and some goes to people foot. They are cheap and weightless so they move and drop quickly compare to other snacks. Their life is always in critical situation even before they consumed by humans. When my friends brought her home, she fried them and served between us. Now some of them already lost their breath in our stomach and two of these little guys were survival.

They were mistakenly come across to our eyes now. Soon, they are going to throw in home garbage then public garbage and then will be destroyed, without any of their fault. What can I say more about these guys? I hope these guys didn’t have any of their fault, they were just victims. In future, I hope producer will give a better life to these guys. At conclusion I really appreciate mamara to become healthy, less calories snacks for us without any of their personal intention. Wishing long life to all mamaras. I hope this funny life story of two mamara increase your smille. Keep Smiling!!

Source of above Image: 1 December 2011,  By, Subhashish Panigrahi on Wikipedia.
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Must Know Before you Buy Your Laptop/ Desktop Computer


My recent visit to electronics store really shocked me and opened my eyes to become a smart buyer. After the observations and little researches I came to a conclusion that before you buy your computer or laptop you can simply contact me and I will help you, just kidding! Here you go, all you need to know before you buy your computer and most importantly the one that fits you.

The reasons for most people to buy or upgrade the laptops are as follows;

  1. For education, business and work need.
  2. Its great bargain.
  3. New technology.
  4. Friend, neighbor or closer one has one so he/she need one like that.
  5. Few just want to upgrade because new looks, fast processor, giant hard drive, advance technology etc.

So most will fall in one or more of these categories and decide to invest in one of the latest computer.

I saw the business man with few hundred thousand to million dollar business having 400 dollar of computer. Imagine the frequency of system crash, technical need, safety and most importantly data. I would strongly recommend to small business owners and multiple computer users to invest wisely. According to my experience “It’s a great idea to change computer every five years than three years”. “Sale” will make you feel good but you will compromise your choice, comfort and need, so be wise.

Understanding of a Basic Specification

  1. Processor Model No- The processor is the ‘brain’ of the computer and controls most of the work done
  2. 2 GB SDRAM- RAM (Random Access Memory) is the working memory the computer has available Memory to do work.
  3. 160GB Hard Drive- The hard drive is a central storage area for the programs being run and the documents or assets created.
  4. 48X Max CD/DVD Drive- CD/DVD burner speed and other information
  5. 17” Flat Screen Color Monitor- Monitor screen information.
  6. Integrated Graphics Card- Sound and graphics capability.
  7. Microsoft Windows XP Pro- Operating system software information.

Minimum Specifications for personal Use (Varies as per users)

  • Processor – dual core @ 2.2 GHz (Core Duo Intel processor or equivalent) (Follow the latest).
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • Hard Drive – 160 GB
  • Wireless (for laptops) – 802.11b (WPA2 support required)
  • Monitor – 19″ LCD – desktop only
  • Operating System – Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 or Apple OS X 10.6.8 (Follow the latest)
  • Backup Device – External hard drive, USB Flash Drive and/or DVD+/-RW drive

Above information’s are some main guides lines which explaining about what does specifications mean? And what are your needs at current timing (technology keep changing so in future these specification might need to upgrade)?

I would like to offer a check list whether you are buying for personal use or business please answer this check list with self-explanation of why you need that item and why you prefer your decided specifications and you will be expert and self-reliable whenever you make purchase of new computer.

How amazing it will be! You will buy perfect-fit, reliable and time saver. Properly answered check list will eliminate all hassles of discomfort when you purchase your computer. Do sent me a message if you have any questions?

Computer Checklist

Checklist Item


Mac vs. PC


Laptop vs. Desktop



Hard Drive
Optical Drive
USB Ports


Operating System
Word Processing
Business/Office Tools
Internet Browser
Photo Editing
Video Editing

Other features

Anti-theft software
Accidental damage coverage

Note: Must  print out and answer. Your 5 minutes can saves your time and money.


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Which Metal Will You Invest?- Metal:1{Gold}


I remember working in inorganic lab where we consider metal as just metal. As a scientist we look on the chemical and physical properties instead financial view or investing.

I have decided to review all known metals and make you aware of why they are important. I have learned from discussions that most people are just see metal as an investment or financial safe asset. I would like to take sometime and really introduce you each metal with their importance and facts so you exactly know why should you invest or idea to find out,will that be worthn investment?.

I hope this blog will give you more idea of each metal with intersting facts. I believe that after reading each metal;you will have a strong background or capability to understand the experts.

I would like to startout with very famout metal GOLD, today because i have seen that its known for best investment.


  1. The chemical symbol for gold is AU, from the Latin word aurum meaning “shining dawn” and from Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn. In 50 B.C., Romans began issuing gold coins called the Aureus and the smaller solidus.

  2. It has been used for currency, dental treatment, electronics, automobiles, food drink as well as in medicines.

  3. The price increase of gold from 2000 to 2013 is almost more then 480%.

  4. India is highest consumer of Gold and China is highest producer and US is second highest producer.

  5. The world’s largest stockpile of gold can be found five stories underground inside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s vault and it holds 25% of the world’s gold reserve (540,000 gold bars).

  6. The purity of gold is measured in carat weight. The term “carat” comes from “carob seed,” which was standard for weighing small quantities in the Middle East. Carats were the fruit of the leguminous carob tree, every single pod of which weighs 1/5 of a gram (200 mg).

  7. It is not reactive metal so you never get irritation or skin problem by wearing it. If its irritate you;means its good chance that its highly mixed with other metals.

  8. Gold has been found around every continent on the earth.

  9. Gold melt at 1065~ Celcius which means it has a good melting point.It is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

  10. Some past study suggest that gold is effective treatmt for rheumatiod arthritits.

  11. Gold went to 1000$ per ounce on 2008-Only one time in history.

  12. About 40 percent of all gold ever mined was recovered from South African rocks.

  13. Your cell phone and computer has a gold.

  14. The mixture of hydrochloric Acid and nitric acid in 3:1 concentration used for testing gold.


Percent Gold

24 Kt.

100% Gold

18 Kt.

75% Gold

14 Kt.

58.3% Gold

12 Kt.

50% Gold

10 Kt.


Alloyed gold comes in many colors:

Colored Gold

Alloy Metal(s) Added to the Gold

Yellow Gold

50% silver and 50% copper

White Gold

Nickel, zinc, copper, tin and manganese

Pink (rose) Gold

90% copper and 10% silver

Green Gold

High proportion of silver or cadmium

Blue Gold

Some iron

Grey Gold

15-20% iron




Click on that beautiful graph above which tell you the historical price from 1960 to 2011.



Which Metal Will You Invest?- Metal:2{Silver}

  1. The origin name silver came from English word seolfor.
  2. Small concentration of silver can kill bacteria.
  3. Indian sweet they use layer of silver in food which call, Varak.
  4. Silvers chemical symbol from the periodic table is Ag. Its Atomic number is 47, its atomic weight is 107.8682(2) and its melting point is 961.78 °C or 1763.2 °F.
  5. Silver is more patented metal compare to any other metal in the word. I hope you know what they mean? If not you can asked me question on comments.
  6. Silver is almost 25% of the const compare to 1980. You can see the price growth in short term, in term of investment.
  7. Its most reflective metal in the world. It lets you see your self.
  8. It helps to apply on burn patient to regain their skins.
  9. Silver is more malleable than any element except gold. One ounce of silver can be drawn into 8,000 feet of thin wire.
  10. Main producers of silver include the United States, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Russia and Australia.
  11. Silver is highly demanding metal in industrial use, photography,Jewelry and silverware, coins and medals as well as in electronics.
  12. Pure silver 99.9% are also allow in investment retirement accounts.


Which Metal Will You Invest?- Metal:3{Copper}

  1.  Copper (Cu) come from the Latin word cuprum after the Greek word for the island of Cyprus.

  2. Copper ore materials have been found in the United States, Chile, Zambia, Zaire, Peru and Canada. The most important copper ore are the sulfides, oxides and carbonates. Copper is obtained by smelting, leaching and by electrolysis. Copper is commercially available ~99.99%.

  3. Copper is important metal because of its high ductility, malleability, thermal and electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

  4. The Statue of Liberty is made from 179,000 pounds of copper.

  5. Copper is long lasting, high durable without sparks so it has been used in automobiles, tools, cookware and almost all metal based application. Copper has been used in currency, electronics, medical, plumbing etc.

  6. The human body needs copper to keep things such as our immune system, nervous system and heart working efficiently. Lower volumes of copper can actually lead to bone density and low white blood cells.

  7. There is more demand than supply of copper and which is main wide reasons to invest in copper. It is also advisable to check with National copper mining industries before you invest in big amount to just make sure that it’s still more demanding than supply.

  8. 1981 and before years penny worth almost three time due to copper percentage.




I apologize for not clear appearance of graph here but please click on it to find exact year and details with complete graph.

These  graphs are comparing price and production during each year to estimate near future as an Investor.

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Few Tips to Find out What they Mean?


Do you know? Body languages and gestures are great indication of other’s view. Isn’t that pretty cool, when you can interpret what other person is saying. Psychologist are claiming that more then 90% communication occur via body language. I would like to share some ideas to improve and understand communication of body language to improve your personal life as well as professional world.


  • When person eye is wider means, they are excite or in problem solving mode.
  • Maximum wider eye meaning result will soon arise and very good chance that it can be positive. Raise eyebrow also mean not threatening and might get smile in return or at least not expecting negative response.
  • Strong eye contact means interested in you or challenging you.
  • Narrowing eyes without body moving is indication of anger.
  • When some one is lying,he/she will do eye contact for short time and you will see some pattern of their discomforts.
  • Higher blinking rate of eye also indication of lying.
  • Persons side way glance with up eye brow means some one likes you, down means likely not.
  • If eye is moving around means they are nervous or bored.


  • Strong hand shake with hands on top or more covered way of handshaking is indication of dominating you.
  • Both hand shake with equal pressure in vertical manner is a best way to handshake.
  • Showing hand toward talking or listening represent honesty and truth.
  • Clinch hand is indication of negative response.
  • Self control is described when hand is holding in back.
  • Folding mode or hand in hand mode is saying that person is emotionally hurt or feeling down.
  • Rubbing hand means person expecting something positive and speed also a great indication.
  • Steeple hand pose shows person is confidence and self rely.
  • Holding hand behind back is also shows great confidence and superior.
  • Hands on hips are about to dominate.
  • Folding arms with strong reaction in almost all way indicate insecure, angry and less respectable.


  • Quick walk with moving hand is sign of vibrant and young thinking person.
  • Jiggling of feet is person want to get away from that situation.
  • Open uncrossed legs says you are dominating or open.
  • When something don’t like, leg indication will be knee point and crossed position.
  • Lock one foot around thigh or calf is sing of lack of self confidence.
  • If person place the back of their chair in front of you,means they are in mood to take control of you.
  • If person see oddly in chair means they don’t see you as important.
  • When women cross their legs in parallel manner means they like the person.
  • One foot further movement of person is also positive sign.


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Ten Things to Check before you Buy Used Car

This article is mainly focusing on US car buyers but there are some common tips which can helps to buying a car, no matter where are you in world.

First of all, you need to realize that you are buying used car and most of the time it does not come with guarantee or solid proof of services or relevant information that can give you 100% confidence BUT on other side it can saves your big bucks and helps you to save on your insurance.

After carefully analyzed and learned from my past experiences, i came up with few advises which can decrease the chances of getting damage, defective or undervalued car. If you find details on each steps that i provides, i believe that whether you are first time car buyer or no knowledge still can rely on your decision. Here are those Ten things that you confirm before buying a car.
(1) The first decision that you need to make is what type of car you want according your need. There are plenty of models and brands out there but you can minimize by finding your need and price.
Example: If you looking for economical and work car; four cylinder car can gives you good mileage and can saves you big bucks over time.
If you looking for family car you can find out your options such as van, suv and other models according to your comfort and need.
Remember this is common but very important step. You can average the car life by its model and doing some research which gives approximately how more car can run after deducting regular maintenance etc.
(2) Have the VIN(Vehicle Identification number) number checked through CARFAX or other company who can check Vehicle History Report. This report might not gives you promise of 100% details of vehicle history but it can gives you some details such as; buying dates, past owners, accidents, services. You can compare those information with owner information. If you are anywhere else in the world please find out if you can get Vehicle History Report because its very important document for used car owner.
(3) Once you have some idea about car, next quick step will be to check the car physically and examine engine noise, break, engine and maintenance lights, condition and other areas of comfort.
Tips: Check carefully when you find new colored, engine replaced and big maintenance occurred in car or not.
(4) At this point you should be able to conclude that whether you like this car or not. If not you can look for next one and if you are interested than you can decide the condition according to your perspective. Once you think that car condition is excellent, good or outstanding you can compare the prices by using Kelly Blue Book or other car value comparison website. You can always asked the price which you feel is good but KBB(Kelly Blue Book) will give you some idea of market value and owner asking price.
(5) If you think that you are under your target price and so far everything is positive than best things will be to check car very carefully before you throw any offer to seller because its not a good idea to change the value after you negotiated the price.
(6) I will provide some basic recommendations here which you must check and if you need comfort zone. You should seek mechanic who can guide you more or you can get a car with some warranties( These factors are depend on your budget and car worth because i think if you are buying 2000 dollar car, its not a good idea to spend 200 dollar on mechanics to check. By getting more details from owner can be more advisable at this point.
(7) Research ahead on break check, engine noise, touch up, air bag damage, and below condition of car because you do need some knowledge to check if those areas are not damaged.
(8) You must discussed with owner that does car title is selvage or not?, does he/she buy and sale or own the car? Does he/she driving or whole family is driving because one hand draw car is more preferable.
(9) If you buying car from dealer company, you must know that your emotion and tie shouldn’t come at the negotiation. Try to ask and and understand his/her terms. Don’t make any judgement until you really understand the deal. Please keep that in mind that, in few minutes of thinking really won’t change anything so give your self time before you commit. The dealers are there to make money so why not try to negotiate best as you can.
(10) Before i sum up this article, i would like to point out that buying a used car can be big chunk of money saving or disaster so follow the steps carefully and seek advice or inspections from car mechanic because it is well worth it.

Note: This advice are suggestions and opinions only. Do you own research before you buy a used car. We are not responsible for republished content from this blog on other blogs or websites without our permission.This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.


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How To Improve Your Photography in few Minutes

ID-100168727I have been one of those person who conceive that what is big deal of taking pictures, you can simply click on object and get the picture but guess what!, It was like finding a lost ring in dark. I have studied many articles and few books and i came to conclusion that taking picture is an art and should treat that way. The good news is that, it doesn’t require expensive digital camera and bad news is it necessitate skill, practice and your observation. Coming back to the subject; how you can get a better picture? How you can improve your skill of taking pictures?, How can you find what you looking in pictures? And the answers are very simple and to the point if you follow this guidance. Better technology and advance camera can help you to correct some resolution, lights and backgrounds but those are tools only, you are the person who is sitting on driving seat so take a charge and improve your skill today. Here are ten counsels which really improve my vision and ability to take picture and i assure you that it will do same for you.

  1. First step i can say is read manual and set up in auto mode of your digital camera. Once you take a few shot you can try manual mode and change each option to learn the results of each function.
  2. I know we all know these but believe me details matter and, that is where it distinct professional photographer to amateur photographer. Take a details of; light, angel, focus,ISO speed, shapes, lines, backgrounds and your object. By all these words i mean to simplify that you should think once for all this factors before you take picture and it will come natural to you after practicing few times.Example: Now when you take picture think about all those qualities of pictures and take picture accordingly. I used to take a picture of one lake often and after i learn this technique i tried at favorable weather with detailing picture and result was ameliorated with any of my past photography.
  3. Subject matter most, so imagine the subject and careful with background. Whatever activity is going on if subject is involve in that activity instead looking object toward photographer means photographer has done a good job. Once you have decided find the right angle and take a snap as soon as you think its right moment because nothing remain same. Few best photographers suggests that shoot today and now, so never miss that opportunity.
  4. Every picture should tell a story, capture the eyebrow reaction and motion of that moments. Expert advices that best photograph are not selected which has more perfection but depth story.
  5. Most important advice i can provide is, experiment each image and learn from it because practice makes perfect and each better image is result. Example: Notice the weather and lights and compare at different different times. Keep that in mind,subject should face the light but not photographer.
  6. Shooting picture at child level, arranging group shots, and getting closer to pictures(if require) can really make big difference and reveal what photographer want to say though image.
  7. Using leading lines and some selected hours like Sunset time can really give you a great image that can admires by people time to time so do practice, practice and practice on that.
  8. Avoid flash at night and deleting pictures since now you have several option to change pictures by using multiple software so save your treasure until you really sure about deleting.
  9. Picture exposure and white color balance is also important to notice when you taking shot.
  10. The last but not least advice would be to practice and improve. The software and technology has done a great job to make pictures more better so download the software and play with it you will enjoy the photography as well as technology.

Don’t forget to share if you have some other ideas to share.

:Some Amazing Words:

(1) “What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”  ― Karl Lagerfeld

(2) “A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” ― Diane Arbus

(3) “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”  ― Dorothea Lange

(4) “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” ― Ansel Adams

(5) “A photographer is like a cod, which produces a million eggs in order that one may reach maturity.” ― George Bernard Shaw


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Ten Best Advices to Win People around


Ten Best Pieces of Advice to Win People Around

We live in a world where each person has a different way of thinking and responding. We can convince to agree with what we think, but it’s still transformation of thinking and meaning—it’s not originality of that person rational. In general it requires skill to win people around. There are plenty of resources which can guide you on this subject, but the most crucial advice I can give is being an honest listener and thoughtful responder can make you a winner all around. It is also possible that a few people around will not like you or neglects you, but I have seen that a positive outcome is far better than negative. You will also feel more confident about yourself since you have an honest relationship and you speak exactly what your mind thinka, which also means that you don’t need to remember anything, as the old saying “Truth never needs to hide.” 

Here are ten pieces of advice that can really help you to understand people around and win them.

(1)   The qualities that can tremendously help you are very common and all are aware of these, but try this for few days and apply toward your thinking; the result will be on your way. 
Be a calm, assertive, relaxed, patient, determined, confident, caring listener. Once you think about these qualities whenever you talk to other people–it will add a great value. Ex:  When someone offered me tea, I used to worry about the person who makes for me where I only needed to say “Yes” or “No.” Once I learned to say that, I found that it also became easier for the person who offers me tea because of the clear answer and bold vision of what I want, so do apply these qualities and add one after another.
 (2)   Honestly become interested in other people. In this beautiful world everybody is interested in their own name and fame so always keep that in mind.
 (3)   Never argue, criticize or the change tone of your voice at any cost because anger or negativity can only bring you down.
 (4)   Encourage people and give them a chance to correct mistakes easily.
 (5)   Always praise the improvement and positive change in people. (6)   Provide sympathy when they need it and give them importance.
 (7)   Always ask questions instead of arguing or quick answers and think that how you can hear yes from the other person.
 (8)   Interpreting presentation, talk or conversation in a positive way–meaning you can’t tell a blind person they are blind, but you can ask how he lost his sight. 
(9)   Accept the facts; because once you do you’ll spend your energy toward constructive sides. 
(10)  Forget and forgive people because we are a limited time visitor on this earth and nothing will stop without us, so why bother and get offended from other people. At the end all have to meet the same tragedy without any discrimination.

:Inspirational Words on Truth:

(1) Seek  not greatness, but seek truth and you will find both. Horace  Mann.
(2) Rather  than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. Henry  David Thoreau
(3) Facts  are many, but the truth is one. Rabindranath Tagore
(4) Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true. Swami Vivekananda
(5) There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. Buddha
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50 Amazing Proverbs that can change your life.


It says “One word heard at right time and right moment can change the track of the life”I hope this great picked proverbs from world can play a same role!

  • “A friend’s eye is a good mirror.

  • “Actions speak louder than words.”

  • “All good things must come to an end.

  • “There’s no time like the present.”

  • “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

  • “Good things come to those who wait.”

  • “Two heads are better than one.”

  • “Honesty is the best policy.”

  • “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

  • “A closed mouth catches no flies “

  • “A healthy man is a successful man “

  • “A new broom sweeps clean, but the old brush knows all the corners”

  • “A son is a son till he gets him a wife, But a daughter’s a daughter the rest of your life ““A thief believes everybody steals “

  • “A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom “

  • “Better give a penny then lend twenty “

  • “Clouds gather before a storm “

  • “Death always comes too early or too late“

  • “Do not blame God for having created the tiger, but thank him for not having given it wings”

  • “Fortune is a woman; if you neglect her today do not expect to regain her tomorrow. “

  • “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever “

  • “Give neither counsel nor salt till you are asked for it “

  • “God heals, and the physician takes the fee. “

  • “God help the rich, the poor can look after themselves “

  • “He that seeks trouble never misses. “

  • “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything”

  • “Look down if you would know how high you stand.”

  • “Yesterday is but a dream tomorrow is but a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to This Day”.

  • “Where there is love there is pain.”

  • “it is not a secret if it is known by three people.”

  • “Bad news travels fast.”

  • “Worry is Like a Rocking Chair,It gives you Something to Do.But Doesn’t get you Anywhere!”

  • “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise,

  • trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things

  • and still be calm in your heart.”

  • “What may be done at any time will be done at no time.”

  • “It takes two to quarrel, but only one to end it.”

  • “A good name is better than riches”

  • “A poor workman always blames his tools”

  • “All things come to those who wait”

  • “As you make your bed, so you must lie upon it”

  • “Cheats never prosper”

  • “Clothes make the man”

  • “Cowards may die many times before their death”.

  • “Don’t wash your dirty linen in public”

  • “Easy come, easy go”

  • Failing to plan is planning to fail

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  • “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”

  • “It is better to give than to receive”

  • “Tomorrow never comes”


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